Homepage of SYNOPSIS

A platform for the Design of Synthetically Accessible Molecules with Desirable Properties in Medicine and Material Sciences


Thanks to its unique features - synthetic accessibility of the designed compounds and independence of the scoring function - Synopsis has been succesfully applied in various molecular design projects.

The discovery of Alofanib, an externally binding FGFR inhibitor, illustrates how we apply our in-house molecular modeling tools in combination with Synopsis.

The deployment of Synopsis to the design of organic structure directing agents (OSDA's) highlights how the structure generation is fully independent of the method used to calculate the molecular properties. Thus, its use is not limited to drug design but is generally applicable in materials science.

By default, Synopsis generates molecules that score well on one particular property, e.g. the inhibition of a single enzyme or receptor. Additional desired or undesired properties can be added as filters to the scoring protocol. However, sometimes molecules with an activity profile over multiple targets are desired for optimal clinical efficacity and safety. We have recently adapted Synopsis so that it can handle multiple targets.